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We’re Reachout Australia, the country’s premier source of professional consumer-oriented reviews, advocacy, and information. We’ve made it our mission to ensure that consumers in the country are protected against bad business deals, which is why we highlight businesses that are worth dealing with here on our blog. We feature reviews and news about positive, community-oriented businesses that truly care about giving their customers the highest quality of support and service. As such, many of our reviews cover businesses from different states and regions of the country. If you’d like to submit a business for us to review, please to do using our online contact form.

Often you will find reviews online that are completely dishonest and are planted by shills hired by companies. We’re committed to giving consumers a platform to submit honest reviews and experiences. Because of this, we cannot accept guest reviews from individuals we’ve not personally vetted. If you’re interested in becoming a guest poster for our official association blog, please reach out to us. There is an application form we can forward to you. If you’re willing to go through the acceptance procedures, you’ll be able to guest post your own review on the site, but it will of course be moderated by one of our community managers.

We believe in consumer advocacy for customers across Australia. We want to keep businesses honest by putting up honest reviews about products and services from different companies. We expect companies to be honorable, responsible, and community-oriented. Let’s work together to help good businesses get the press they deserve and to criticize bad business practices and dishonest businesspeople. Our association was formed as a result of the need for more objective sources of information about businesses across Australia, and we’ve done just that with our online platform.

If you’re interested in reading the reviews, please remember you can also participate in the discussion by posting your own responses in the comment forms below the articles. Businesses who have reviews written about their products and services are also welcome and encouraged to post responses below the article in the comments section. We want to create an open forum where anyone can share their thoughts and the community can debate about consumer issues, reviews, and any other news or journalistic articles we feature on our blog.

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We hope you participate and enjoy the pieces of information we’ve posted here already! You can check the archives for previous reviews.